The Regional Innovation networking platform (RINP) is an initiative of the DST in support of Eastern Cape innovation community.

ELIDZ Science and Technology Park is acting as an agency that coordinates, supports and maintains, the development of RINP facilitating the meeting and the working together of the Multipe Helix members of the Eastern Cape province from different institutions.

The steering com members are listed below (Lead Facilitator: ELIDZ Science and Technology Park):

Aims & Objectives of the Regional Innovation networking platform (RINP).


  • Bridging the gap between research and industry,
  • Highlighting comparative and competitive advantages in the region,
  • Identifying the gap and opportunities in the region,
  • Creating synergies through networking.


  • Creating linkages between role players,
  • Facilitating an enabling environment,
  • Hosting relevant workshops,
  • Assisting with access to finance,
  • Lobbying for innovation seed funding,


  • Providing a united voice and approach to innovation in the region,
  • Publicising success stories,
  • Publicising opportunities and gaps,
  • Organising relevant networking events and training events

A number of programmes and activities are proposed by RINP for the purpose of building the regional innovation system of the region.

These fall into three main areas:

  • Fostering a culture of innovation;
  • Lobbying and facilitating increased investment by global and national innovation actors, National Government in R&D and Innovation to support socio-economic development; and
  • Supporting and facilitating the linking of knowledge generators and research, development and innovation conductors to regional socio-economic development efforts by improving technology transfer and multiple helix collaboration.



  • Automotive and related component manufacturing, including tooling and composites,
  • Energy, with a particular emphasis on renewable and alternative sources of energy generation and related manufacturing;
  • Agriculture, with a particular emphasis to Aquaculture and Agro-Processing and indigenous medicines (pharmaceuticals), wastewater treatment and remediation,
  • Advanced Manufacturing and
  • ICT

Events and training’s

Past events: Regional innovation agro-processing workshop


  • 3D printing and Laser Engraving/cutting
  • Solar Energy- PV Rooftop Installation(SAPVIA Accredited)
  • Tooling manufacturing