In response to the current and expected future demand and growth within the “Green Economy” of South Africa, the Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence, was set up within the East London Industrial Development Zone Science and Technology Park (ELIDZ) in partnership with Master Artisan Academy (SA), and will be a catalyst and leader in the development and growth of skills within the sector, not only within the Eastern Cape, but also South Africa and into Africa.

Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence is based at the ELIDZ within the STP unit.

The services provided by the centre are aimed at a number of target groups and stakeholders within the sector, namely:

  • Qualified artisans that want to up-skill towards renewable energy
  • School leavers preparing for career within renewable energy
  • Skilled workers that need to be up -skilled to participate in both the construction and maintenance phases of various renewable projects in South Africa
  • Management and decision–makers in both public and private sector
  • Current RIPPP providers announced as well as potential investors in the area. To promote prototyping.