Innovation Happens Here

The STP has successfully assisted with further development of three prototypes to get them to commercialisation stage:

Safe Pass™
Safe Pass™ gives drivers a clear view of the road ahead of a slow moving obstructive vehicle, such as trucks and buses, allowing them to overtake safely. Having a clear view of what’s ahead, both directly in front of the vehicle you want to overtake and also traffic in the opposite lane, will help people to make better decisions on when to make a “safe pass”.

The system utilizes a proprietary camera system that is fitted to obstructive vehicles, this camera then transmits live video feed of the road ahead. With a vehicle based receiver and screen or the use of a smart device with the Safe Pass™ app, drivers wishing to overtake said vehicle will be able to sync with the video stream to be able to see the road ahead, without putting themselves or other road users at risk, before attempting the overtaking manoeuvre.


Turnkey Solid Waste Removal and Aquaponics growth grow out systems
Solid waste removal system is designed to remove suspended solid waste, and circulate to plant beds a body of water through a centre drain system. It offers sustainable growth and progressive agriculture, plus have the potential to produce clean water, high density food as well as protein while being environmentally-friendly.

Driving the vision of creating an innovative renewable energy product, the system’s first official prototype was powered by a wind turbine and four solar power panels. The system was also designed to run only dependent on gravity when installed on a hillside.


The Hot spot is a geyser sleeve manufactured from EPVC/SPVC plastisol that is fitted over any geyser heating element to transfer hot water from the bottom of the geyser to the top using the thermosyphon principle. The sleeve is fitted over the hot element with normal temperature ranging from 30-60 degrees Celsius. The product aims to improve the geyser efficiency and energy saving by allowing consumers to switch their geysers on and off at their convenience and reducing the waiting period for hot water as household can have access to hot water within 30 minutes of switching on the geyser with hot spot sleeve. The hot spot will enable every household to switch the geyser when needed and pay for the water that they need and can afford instead of heating the full geyser at high price.


The Heat Raider is a waste heat harvester from existing refrigeration and cooling system and is designed for commercial applications to make the cooling process more efficient, saves energy and produces free hot water therefore takes the geyser off the grid. The Heat Raider has proven to provide additional energy savings by reducing the power consumption, efficiency and effectiveness of cooling systems by 25% whilst it cuts electricity bill by 20-27%. By utilizing the waste energy and heat generated from existing cooling systems, the Heat Raider provides a more efficient operating range for cooling systems thereby ensuring a saving in operating energy and providing for longevity of the cooling system components as there is less stress because of increased efficiency.


Impiloyethu biometric application is a combination of a well thought portable devise and a well-designed software that will be linked to a cloud database and give registered user’s access to subscribed members full medical history and personal information. It can be customised into various application scenarios, where clinic administrators, doctors rooms administrators, emergency practitioners, doctors and patients can use to interact with the system for medical information assistance. The type of assistance it is able to provide varies from adding patients on the database, scheduling appointments, updating medical history info and retrieving it from the cloud storage via a cell phone, biometric devise or desktop webpage.


The Twerly is a Renewable Energy Source that is powered by a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and PV Panel. The Twerly can be used as a street light, a WI-FI hotspot for Businesses, Universities and Schools, or to house a surveillance camera for use in the security industry.