The Science & Technology Park is an innovation driven entity within the East London IDZ. The aim of this park is to nurture new innovative companies thus enhancing industrial development, further improving economic development.

Facilities for all your collaborative workspace needs

  1. Collaborative workspace

ELIDZ STP provides high quality hot Desk space to knowledge-based enterprises through the INNOSPACE services. The INNOSPACE is a collaborative workspace that involves multiple workers using a single physical workstation or surface during different times.

Communal facilities such as a reception and meeting rooms are available for all residents to use. This workspace is designed to stimulate creativity and allow for effective and efficient exchange of ideas. As such, we have seven (7) available hot desk spaces available for booking at all times.

Technical equipment: Projector, presentation clipboard with markers, ISDN line, white board, Telephone, Video conferencing facilities and wireless connection.


  1. Boardroom

Our boardroom has a maximum seating of 14 people per session and can be hired out on a per hour bases.

  • It is a quiet space that invites brainstorming in a more flexible setting.
  • The boardroom is appropriately furnished and fitted with suitable technology for a great meeting space
  • The boardroom size is about 40.2 m2
  • This boardroom can also be used for media interviews or business engagements


  1. Project room

The six (6)-seater boardroom, can be hired on a per hour bases.

  • The boardroom is a bright and airy space perfect for mid-sized meetings
  • The boardroom size is about 26.1m2

Both venues allow for a variety of setups for meetings, break- out sessions and discussions.


  1. STP meeting lounge

This room is fitted with modern soft seating and can accommodate up to five (5) people

  • The meeting lounge size varies from 26 to 33 m2
  • The room offers an ideal and comfortable set-up for small discussions


  1. Informal lounge

Appointed with beautiful and comfortable seating, our bright lounge is great for unstructured sessions as it creates a congenial, open and relaxing environment.

  • The lounge can be used as a lunch area
  • One can enjoy a game of pool, or play station while recharging batteries



Besides creating the suitable physical space for your business, we also have an innovative range of features and benefits that will help you make the most of your space and time.

  • The STP is secured with 24/7 security access and CCTV cameras
  • Secure parking
  • Dedicated STP Management Team
  • A outdoor chess set



Situated in Lower Chester Road, in the beautiful and leafy suburb of Sunnyridge, East London, we offer the perfect working environment for mobile entrepreneurs.

  • The STP is only about five (5) minute drive from the East London Airport
  • Away from the crowded CBD and its heavy traffic


For further information and costs or to arrange viewing please contact:

Kaylene Bell    Tel: 043 7028217   Cell 0765115931    E-mail:


Kaylene Bell: +27 43 702 8217